Thai language classes and lessons in PJ and KL

Update: Mr Peter has set up a Facebook page to enable you to contact him directly.

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Update: New intake for Thai language class for 2018 is on Sunday, 4 March 2018.

Please contact Mr Peter’s facebook page above should you require more information.

Venue: Wat Chetawan Petaling Jaya

Time: 10am


If you would like to learn the Thai language, there are classes available at Wat Chetawanวัดเชตวัน in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The temple is located in Jalan Gasing. Beginners class will start on the first week of March each year.

Sunday class by Peter (local retired teacher)- only at Wat Chetawan.

Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Wat Chetawan, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

  • Intermediate at 1 pm – 2.30 pm- you should have knowledge in written and spoken Thai
  • Beginners class– 2.30 pm – 4 pm – if you are new to the language, you can still attend this class as we have beginners still joining this month

All the Thai classes in PJ are held at Multipurpose Hall of Wat Chetawan.

Direction of the hall: from the temple’s office, you would see a store selling flowers and amulets next to the office. Behind is a space where you see a Buddha statue. The multipurpose hall is the building behind the store that sells flowers. Photo as shown below- the location is the building right behind:

Additional information on Peter’s class:
1. No profit and it is a charitable class
2. Taught by local qualified teacher for beginners
3. RM30 per month- it is per month and even if participants attend all the 3 classes, the amount is still only RM30.


My personal experience

I agree with some non Thai native speakers who mentioned that the most effective way to learn the Thai language is by being able to read their writing and develop one’s own convention to spell out the words. This is because, in Thai language, there are various tone marks and rules- and if one is unable to read, one can only speak based on what one hear- often, one’s hearing may not be accurate and causes the tone to be off….which can totally give a different meaning.

Therefore, if you are serious about learning the Thai language, my advise is to invest some time to learn up the alphabets, tone marks, tone rules and you would be able to speak accurately.

Another thing is if you rely on learning Thai by referring to the romanized phrase books, you may end up being much more confused than ever. This is because a number of Thai words just cannot be romanized due to the complexity of the prounciation. Even when we learn the tone rules, we need to develop our own convention in pronouncing the words. Therefore, if you learn from various books, different authors may use a different set of convention and spelling. For example, chicken is called “kai” in Thai but some books romanized as “gai” as well. If you can read know how to pronounce ไก่ because you have learned the Thai vocab and the tone marks, you would be able to pronounce it correctly yourself.

I strongly recommend the Thai language class taught in Wat Chetawan- for the past year, I’ve had the privilege and good fortune of attending the beginner’s class taught by Mr Peter, a retired schoolteacher. And I must say the dedication and passion to teach are evident. Learning beginners from a teacher who is also a Malaysian is easier because he understands the limitation and constraints of Malaysians who wishes to learn the Thai language. He is able to teach in a way that makes it easy for Malaysians to pick up the language. Each class he would introduce slowly and systematically the grammar rules or the alphabets.

Teachers like Peter is hard to find nowadays- today, even if you are willing to pay you also cannot get a teacher that is so dedicated to teach.

Before that, I tried to learn on my own but lack of like minded company as well as difficulty in comprehending the language resulted in not much improvement. When learning under Mr Peter, because he does give us a little homework to do and because every week we do attend the class, it gave me the discipline to really pick up and do my homework. Initially I was a slow learner (I always am when initially learning up a language). But within 3 months of the class, when I visited Thailand, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to read the Thai texts, even though slowly from my favourite Thai books. This had motivated me to continue learning the language through focusing on texts that I enjoy reading.

After learning the alphabets, the grammar rules, you can then attend the intermediate class where you would be taught on more vocabulary. Because the teachers would read from the Thai words, if you cannot read the basic words, it may be a little difficult. But once you can read, learning the vocabulary becomes a breeze.

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90 thoughts on “Thai language classes and lessons in PJ and KL”

  1. Hi Yin,

    Good day

    I’m interesting on learning thai language, is it too late to join the class now? or i should better wait for next intake?

  2. I would like to joint the Thai language class asap. When can i start. Kindly advise. Thank you.

  3. Hi Adrian,

    The next class would start on Sunday 2 March 2014 at 2.30pm at Wat Chetawan near the multipurpose hall

  4. Hi Kiki…
    As far as I know there is no free Thai class. The one I recommend above is the most reasonably price but the teacher is dedicated about the topic…something that cannot be bought by money.

  5. Hi Ng…no need to register. If you wish to attend, just show up on that day and time. Happy learning 🙂

  6. Thanks for this posting!!

    Sorry I just wanted to help someone who is keen to look for job in Customer Service with Thai Speaker. 5 days jobs in Bandar Sri Damansara. Salary is around RM2500 – RM3500..Non shift yeah..
    Please kindly email your resume to appreciated ..Khob kuhn

  7. Hello, I’m Jasmine frm kelana jaya. Can I know if I cannot attend this wk 1st Thai beginning class in Wat Chetawan, PJ, Can I still attend in next wk? Apprecited the advice, pls.

  8. Dear all…I have just confirm with Mejar Goh..the class monitor. The beginners class is on tomorrow Sunday at Wat Chetawan. Please bring along RM30 being monthly contribution of printing materials and for using temple facilities. If u cannot attend this week u can also attend next week. Thank you

  9. Hi Yin, thank you very much advice. I will try attend this wk , if not next wk. Just last understand what’s the time pls? Tq again. Jasmine ng.

  10. Hi Lucas….you can go to this Sunday’s class at 2.30pm in the multipurpose hall at Wat Chetawan

  11. I Would like to learn the Thai Language. I can go in to the class any week? Can you advise the schedule.

  12. Dear Sher Li…
    The beginners class start fixed time in march till december each year. The later you join, the harder is for u to catch up.
    It is not a profit based class and hence only one gradual syllabus whereby u need to know what had been taught earlier. So please joim as early as u can

  13. hi, i interested on thai language class, please send me more detail….fee and timetable .thanks

  14. I would like to join the Thai language class, this is my 1st time learning Thai . Can u provide me more detail of the class schedule ? Thanks .

  15. Please let me know when can I start the Thai class and any phone number to be contacted.. Thanks

  16. Hi Evie, you may drop into Khun Peter’s facebook page and contact him directly for details of the class.

  17. Hi, I am Ms Winnie and I am looking for a Thai language teacher who can come over to our office at Bukit Damansara to teach basic/beginners Thai language on weekdays. Approximately 20 headcounts in a class , perhaps for twice in a month. May I know if the Thai teacher will be able to do so? Do revert to me via my email at winnie.xxxxxxx


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