Air Asia 1 cabin bag policy

Air Asia introduced a new requirement 1 cabin bag only
Maximum 7kg
Measurement: 56cmx 36cm x 23cm
And allowed with either 1 handbag OR 1 laptop bag

Note: Please refer to Air Asia website for more updates.

For more information, you may view the standee below, taken at Chiang Mai airport recently (click to enlarge picture):

Do hope you take note of this because recently I was really caught unaware of this new requirement. If you carry too many bags upboard, you would be stopped.

Web check-in

Air Asia also introduced the web check-in- if you do not opt for web check-in and instead check-in directly via LCCT, you may be charged with RM10 fee for common destination. You can do the web check-in when you reach the LCCT airport by checking in using one of their self-check in portals. All you need to have is the booking number.

However, I did not do the web-check but for Chiang Mai- I was not charged the RM10.

The little charges add up to be a lot- so don’t be caught by not buying luggage weight, or being overweight, or not do the self check-in thing.

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