Payless Books- great bargains for hard to find books

Update: Payless Books does not seems to be active as their Facebook page’s last update was since 2012. I have also not able to locate any recent warehouse sales by Payless these past few years.

However, there alternatives such as Big Bad Wolf Sales (organized few times a year in various location around the country) and MPH stock clearance sales:

However, I am keeping the article as it is good to reminiscence at the Pay Less book sale days where I can always find some hidden gems amongst the books on sale.

Older article in 2011):

Sometimes the best books are books that have been written years or even decades ago. These books are either no longer in print, or republished with expensive pricing. When you go to Payless Books Warehouse sales, you would be amazed at the kind of books that you can find:

Fiction and non fiction books are sold for about RM5, some are only for RM3.

There are various novels, no doubt most of it written decades ago but still is as good. There are lots of cookbooks, craft books, as well as medical and college text books.

Finally, here are books that I’ve bought:

1. Louise Hay- You Can Heal Your Life

2. The 36-Hour Day by Nancy L Mace & Peter Rabins

3. Reversing Heart Disease and Cancer

Each book was only for RM5. There are also a lot of other health books that I’ve bought from their warehouse sale.

Nowadays, I do not see anymore Pay Less stores- it is always the warehouse sales at places like the 3K Inn (Subang), YMCA (KL), Millenium Square (PJ). The schedule of their warehouse sale is posted in their website

You may sign up to receive email notification of their warehouse sale- all you need to do is to register your email at their site or provide your email address to them at the warehouse sale.

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