Christmas deco sales have started

Christmas trees, ornaments, decos are now on sale. Hypermarkets have began selling these items:

In the past, those who do Christmas shopping would need to visit craft stores and those shops located around Petaling Street.

Above: These items are found in a discount bin in Giant hypermarket- it must be last year’s stock clearance.  Below: Christmas decoration in silver and blue themes can be experience- like the Christmas tree that my former boss have- I knew he invested lots of money to buy the Christmas decorations which last through the years.

Now, it is sold at reasonably cheap price in hypermarkets. Actually- it is not really if the items are cheap or expensive- but more in decorating style and taste. If you know how to use colour and shape combination or to decorate your tree using a specific theme, even if you were to buy inexpensive deco items, the tree would still look spectacular.

Years ago, I used to remember these decorative items are very expensive. Now with the items mostly imported from China, the price had dropped tremedously to about as low as RM3.90 for a packet of decorative items.

If you are thinking of shopping for decorative items for your Christmas tree, you may want to take a look at what the hypermarkets are selling, and compare the prices with crafts shops.

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