Where to buy Indian sandalwood at reasonable price in Kuala Lumpur

If you visit Brickfields or Little India, you can buy the fragrant sandalwood at very reasonable prices:

In fact, I think it’s at the lowest price: a pack with probably about 10 small cones of incense sandalwood cost about RM1.90- bought about few years ago by me. I am sure the price would not have increased much. If you have bought from souvenior shops or the prepacked ones, it would be sold few or many times the price. Well, you can actually buy an assortment and take back and have them mixed yourself.

Above: how the packaged looked like as I’ve bought them. Tulasi sandalwood are made in India. Here are the information I got from the package:

  • Lavendar: known as the magic healer, lavender is an effective antibiotic and pain reliever. Tulasi lavender incense creates a pleasant soothing atmosphere in your home
  • Jasmine: Often referred to as the “Emblem of Love”. Tulasi Jasmine incense brings you the heady and exotic fragrance of fresh Jasmine flowers
  • The Tulasi Moon fragrance is mild and cool. It relaxes and leave you with a feeling of calm and tranquility
  • Sun- The star of all aromas- the Tulasi Sun is filled with energy and vitality

Above are sandalwood sticks- just lighting one stick would fill the entire room with a strong sandalwood smell. It’s much stronger compared to the Chinese prayer jossticks.

Above is the sandalwood made from neem leaves- I usually burn it to cleanse the environment- and place in corners or below the bed when we are doing springcleaning. I was told by my friend that it would help to remove negative energies.

Above are the tulasi burning sticks. For most of them, I had bought from New Malliga located in Brickfields.

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