Camerons- Tringkap, Rose Valley and shopping

Tringkap gets quieter as it approaches night time.

There are houses located alongside with some shophouses.  Locals and foreign workers would go back to their respective homes as night time approaches- and restaurants and stores would start to close one by one.

There are also souvenior shops selling Tshirts, fridge magnets, key chains, honey, strawberry pillows and strawberry themed items. There is also the strawberry coated with chocolates which seemed popular with kids.

Cars would stop alongside these stalls to buy some souvenior items.

There’s the rose farm- but by the time I passed the area, it is already closed- so I took pics from outside.

Then there is the honey from the bee farm. For honey, I prefer the honey from New Zealand and Australia as it is more pure and have medicinal value.

Not sure what is the schedule of the show but caught a glimpse on this poster that shows a picture of a kid being covered with bees.

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