Buddhist Maha Vihara in Kuala Lumpur- shrine hall

On almost anytime of the day, you would see people sitting and meditating in the shrine hall or the Pagoda in Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields.  Whenever I sit down and close my eyes there, my mind calm down easily- no matter how stressed, sad or agitated I am. Usually if I can, I would take a short time to close my eyes and meditate- and when I open my eyes, I always feel better 🙂

If you are more ‘sensitive’ you would be able to sense that the energy around the shrine hall and the Bodhi tree are very calming and conductive. Usually, even though a number of people may walk in and out or even chatting, I am usually unperturbed.

Many families would also bring their children for monks to do chanting. After chanting, the monk would then tie a string around the wrist of those who are present there.

Above: The Buddha in a sleeping meditation pose.

Above: The pagoda- aside from looking at the display of Buddhist culture and different Buddha statues from different Buddhist countries, you would see a number of meditators there as well as the pagoda tends to have less activity, ie people walking in a out.

The Bodhi tree- I recommend that you go 9 rounds around the Bodhi tree- please remember to walk in CLOCKWISE direction. Keep your mind calm- you can recite a mantra, Itipiso or just calm down and observe your breath.  After 9 rounds, pray to the Buddha and make an aspiration as well as transfer merits to other beings.

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