Homi Curry Puffs- quite well known in PJ

There is a small staff selling curry puffs which if I am not mistaken started from  a restaurant in SS2. The curry puffs are huge and crispy:

Above: The curry puffs are freshly deep fried out of the oil. You can opt for either the just out of the oil type or those that are still fresh but was out of the oil a little longer:

Basically, the curry puffs are well known because they are large and fresh. They are sold for RM1.80 each (because I bought 3 and paid RM5.40 for it). With a packet of milk tea and a cup of Chinese tea, I ate one of the curry puff.

It is not the first time I bought from Homi- and perhaps I don’t have very high tolerance for very oily food- I do find the curry puffs nice but too oily each time I taste it. I should come back and reheat in the oven to remove some of the oil before consuming it. And it was supposed to be chicken curry puff but perhaps the chicken is minced up with the potatos- I don’t see any huge chunks of chicken meat.

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But the staff- previously must be the owner’s son and recently the Indonesian maid were always very polite- the lady oblige when I requested for some of the extra flaky skin (that feel off other curry puffs) with no additional charge.

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No 66, Jalan SS2/66, 47300 Petaling Jaya and another one at The Gardens, Mid Valley.

Contact number: 012  – 386 6291, 012-283 2133.

Note: That shows that you can start a business on anything- even selling one single food item like curry puffs. So long as they are made so delicious that people cannot find it elsewhere- here, it is because it is extra crispy.

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3 thoughts on “Homi Curry Puffs- quite well known in PJ”

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  2. Hi Jenn,
    I am sorry I am not sure if they ship overseas since from our phone number I can see you are based overseas.
    Curry puffs usually cannot be kept for long and must be consumed within a day or two.

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