Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur- sale everywhere

If you have anything you would like to buy, now is the best time. As we have the Mega sale about 3 times a year- this year, the August sale coincides with Hari Raya shopping. So with double celebrations, you can find literally everywhere on sale. Jaya Jusco had started their sale from 15 July to 4 September 2011.

During this month, the malls and hypermarkets would surely be very crowded- much more crowded than usual during weekends. If you would like to have a more easeful shopping, do go early and try to reach the mall’s parking area at about 10.30am. I usually park at P2 because it would be nearer to the entrance.

Megamall is huge and it is accessible via public transport- Metrobus # 99, KTM and other buses.  There’s supposed to be a feeder bus taking people from Bangsar Putra LRT to Megamall but my friend told me they had waited for one hour and the bus never came as per schedule. If you are driving and reach the mall, say about 12pm, then the entire area surrounding the place would be slow moving because many cars are struggling to find parking.

Above: The top floor where the cinemas are located. Below: The food junction- like a food court located on the upper most top floor.

Below is the Mid Valley MVEC Exibition center- this week there’s a few exibition going on at the same time- like housebuyers, Visit Thailand- items on shopping and a golf exibition.

Parking Charges at Megamall Kuala Lumpur:

The parking is available 24 hours a day- to my understanding because the ticketing counter is available 24 hours a day.

Zone A, B & C
Parking Rates:
Weekdays: First 3 hours RM2, subsequent hour, RM1.00
Weekends and public holidays: First 3 hours RM3.00, subsequent hours RM1.00
No maximum charge
Free parking for the first 15 minutes
20 minutes grace period from payment to exit (not applicable to zone G, H & U)
Lost ticket penalty: RM50.00.

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