Famous Durian Spring Roll and Crispy Roll in Malacca

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We went to try out the durian crispy and spring roll as we thought it had looked a little unique:

The price retails as 3 for RM5.

We ordered that, as well as desserts to go with it because initially we had been walking for a while under the hot sun- but later it suddenly rained for a short while and the atmosphere felt much cooler.

Here are the durian crispy roll and spring roll. The owner said the spring roll has more durian in them- made using popiah skin. But I find the crispy roll more delicious- in which I packed about RM20 worth of crispy and spring roll back to KL. I recalled years ago a hotel served something similar with the price more than 10 times higher.

It tastes as delicious as it looks ūüôā

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