Clock Tower, Church & Victoria Fountain in Malacca

From St Paul’s Church in Jalan Laksamana, as you walk along the one way street passing the unique red colour shophouses:

After passing these shophouses, you will see the Muzium Belia Malaysia (Malaysia Youth Muzeum):

Then you will see the Christ Church (located at Jalan Gereja)

The Victory Fountain and the Clock Tower.

There are souvenior shops as per below (you can also walk further down to Jonkers street).

All the trishaws will be waiting in that area. You may choose to walk further then but either:

1. Turn to Jalan Kota (first turning on your left -if you wish to visit A Famosa)

Here are the various historical landmarks found there:

  • History & Ethnography Museum (The Stadthuys)
  • Architecture Museum, Islamic Museum, Museums Antiquities Dept, UMNO Museum, People’s Kite Museum & Enduring Beauty Museum, Stamps Museums, Mala & Islamic World Museum
  • Finally, you will arrive at Porta de Santiago (A Famosa).
  • Other places located behind Jalan Kota- Literacture Museum, Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery, Democratic Government Museum, Melaka Sultanate Palace/Cultural Museum.

2. Go straight at Jalan Merdeka

It would lead you to Museum Samudera (next article) and Menara Taming Sari.

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