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It struck me that it is a bit tough for a vegetarian to source for food around Klang Valley- and if found, the food could be expensive, oily or contained too much of MSG. If you have the time, it’s better to cook your own dishes.

I came across this frozen food supplier who sells frozen vegetarian food- and I think the pricing is reasonable- the supplier sells all types of frozen vegetarian food that could add more variety into your cooking:

For example:

  • Sweet corn RM4.00
  • Green peas RM4.00 (500gm)
  • Vegetarian pandan chicken (300gm) RM5.00
  • Vegetarian Goose (700gm) 10 pcs RM8.00
  • Vegetarian roasted
  • Vegetarian Empress chicken
  • Vegetarian rib bones
  • Vegetarian sunny side egg (400gm, 50 pcs) RM5.50
  • Vegetarian char siew bun
  • Vegetarian mini buns
  • Vegetarian pumpkin buns
  • Vegetarian lotus mini buns
  • Vegetarian yam mini buns

I have bought some burgers in which I would roast in the oven and add a slice of cheese with mayo and eat together with bread for breakfast.  To prepare, it only take minutes as I just put the burger in the oven for 10 minutes to cook. It’s much more cost efficient and can be served hot.

Above: The vegetarian prawn meat cost RM15. It’s delicious to use to cook with vegetables and served with vegetarian oyster sauce.

Furthermore, the pricing is clearly displayed outside the fridge:

The supplier is located in front of the Petaling Jaya Old Town market:

See Woo PJ Food Trading

No 88, Jalan Othman Seksyen 2

46000 Petaling Jaya

Tel/ fax: 03- 77 81 9996.

The store also sells frozen seafood, frozen Surimi based products, Japanese products, yong tau foo, frozen meat and poultry like burgers, sausages, fillets, and even noodles.

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  • Neellavathi Dec 5, 2012 Link

    To whom it may concern!
    I am very much interested in Chinese vegetarian cooking. Please help me to find a school or a person who can teach me. It is solely for fun and for myself. I love the Chinese vegetarian food.
    Please help.

  • Janet Kueh Feb 18, 2019 Link

    Hi, I’m Janet from Sarawak, Miri, East Malaysia. I would like to ask about vegetarian wholesale foods supplies. If I doing sales vegetarian frozen and non frozen foods, can I get some stock from your store as you are my supplier, but can I have some pictures what’s you’re selling and what what price would you quote to us. Thanks.

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