Trishaw or Beca rides in Malacca town

Trishaws or becas can still be seen in Malacca town, but the trishaws now are tourist driven and beautifully decorated:

The cost of the ride is RM40 per hour- each trishaw can sit by 2 average weight adult with probably a child. And there is a clear signboard located near Jonkers street entrance and the clock tower that states clearly the rental rates. If there are complaints about being overcharged, it can be made to tel: 06-232 6411/ 39888 (sms). This is to ensure tourists do not have a bad experience due to lack of enforcement.

This trishaws are quite happening- some come fully equipped with sound systems and PA speakers so as the rider takes the customers around, you can hear music coming out from the trishaw. There was a Malay family and one trishaw played Malay songs (which I love to listen), and another one was blasting Michael Jackson’s songs (that week I went happened to be his death anniversary).

Above and below: The beca riders in action around Jonkers street.

Below: Check out the Scorpion design. Some also have Barbie dolls theme.

This time, we did not ride on the beca. When I was a small girl, I have rode on a trishaw when our family visited Penang. Then years ago during my previous company’s teambuilding, we also rode on a trishaw. Well, sometimes I sort of feel sorry for the driver to ride the trishaw under the unforgiving hot sun.

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