Fasting Month during Bulan Ramadhan

The Government offices would usually be closed earlier during fasting month to enable Muslim staff to go back in time to break fast (usually around 7pm or 7pm plus, depending on the states).

During the fasting month, usually around 4.30pm till about almost 7pm, the roads, highways, trains would be congested. After 7pm, the roads would be clear. This is a bit different from other days when the jam is still there after 7pm. Some restaurants would be closed during the day and start to open at around 6pm onwards till throughout the night.

For Malaysians, one of the best part is that there would be a lot of temporary stalls, selling all kinds of mouth watering food for break fast- the stall would start selling about 4pm and close around 7pm. Usually it is located inside housing areas.

There are food such as nasi kerabu, ayam percik that are normally not sold in stores but available.  At such places, you would see Malaysians from all walks of life buying food. We usually get to savour once a year all in one place so we usually would be buying dinner, or the next day’s breakfast from there.

Here’s wishing Muslim readers Selamat Menunaikan Ibadat Puasa di Bulan Ramadhan and Selamat Hari Raya.

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