Visiting Jalan Masjid India Kuala Lumpur

I’ve promoted Jalan Masjid India in some of my list of must-see for visitors who would like to visit Malaysia. In a way, it is less crowded than Petaling Street and you can find good bargain and variety of colour, styles.

How to get there: Via the Putra LRT train- stop at Masjid Jamek LRT station and walk in the direction where the station and the river are on your right and OCBC bank is on your left. After walking for a distance- there are stalls lined up along the way, you will come to the entrance here:

Where else can you find cheap wrist watches for RM5 each- they’re sold by Indonesians. Even in the normal night market, it costs about RM10 or more each. Here it’s only RM5- well, you need not have them to last- sometimes it can be used just for rough wearing:

Or custome jewelry like bangles, beaded items (which is time consuming to make but you can get 3 for RM10) …and some more elegant looking ones are also available:

Masjid India is also known for a place that people go to to look for Punjabi suits:

You can find stores alongside selling punjabi suits, or else you can also go to Semua House- located at the end of the road:

Other items are like Tshirts, handbags, children toys, craft supplies etc. The craft and Malay wedding craft suppliers can be found in Masjid India too.

On Saturday night, there is a night market on the next road (Chow Kit road or Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman). If you take the Putra LRT train and come, then you need not worry about finding parking or getting stuck in the jam.

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