Vegetable and fruits decorations using inexpensive carve tools

In Malaysia, you can find vendors selling innovative items at a very low price.  For instance, this man is selling plastic carve tools that can be used to make all sort of editable decorative items using vegetables and fruits:

Update at 2018: If you cannot find these items at your local market and pasar malam, visit Mr DIY as I saw they also sell this.

Aside from that, it can be also a scrapper- to scrap potatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc into shreds, bits and pieces.

Look at the selection above- made from everyday stuff. I see women staring in awe, forgetting to close their mouths as he demonstrate how to use the tools to form beautiful decorative items. According to him, there was once a grandma who could not get her granddaughter to eat her vegetables- but after she start cutting these beautiful shapes, the little girl is eating the nutritious food.

Just that the tools are plastic and once broken, it cannot be fixed. Still, it’s better spending a few hundred bucks buying the real equipment but may not use it. The whole set only cost RM10- but of course, it’s one of those Made in China stuff.

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