Cute and functional plastic containers for RM5.30 at ACE

Update: The price has been revised from RM5 to RM5.30 to include the GST (government service tax).

ACE Hardware stores have been selling cute and functional plastic containers to be used to store food, sauces, baby food, CD, stationery holder, water bottles, water jars, supplement tool kit, mini toolbox etc for RM5 each.

Previously I have bought 5 little mini containers for RM5 RM5.30 and they have been useful for me to store sauces (when I bring food to work), little snacks (like two or three chocolate cubes for me to eat during break down- coz I know if I bring the entire chocolate bar I’ll probably finish it at work coz it’s so stress at times 🙂  ). I even use one to store my name card stickers (other people have name cards whereas I have personalized stickers made) and another for my multicard reader and thumbdrive.

Compatively, the quality of the items are better than those sold in day/ night markets as below:

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