Reasonably priced bread and cakes in Malaysia

If you want to buy reasonably priced bread, patries and cakes, you can buy from Kings Confectionary. They have branches all over the country.

Last year, we got their member card- you pay RM20 for one year and they give you the card and a booklet containing discount coupons. The discounts alone on the coupon easily worth more than RM25.

Of course, pastries sold in Kings taste nicer than those sold in hypermarkets. And it’s been almost a year and we have utilized a lot as there have been good discounts. Recently we bought a nice chocolate cake that is supposed to cost RM57 but because of a 50% discount coupon- we got the cake for 1/2 the price.

Above are pastries that is being sold. Below, is one of my favourite- the one with tuna on it.

Before you start your journey like long distance driving or travelling, you can buy bread and pastries from here- because they’re much cheaper and fresher than those you buy from the highway stops or airport. Usually the day prior to my flights, I would buy some pastries from Kings and pack it along so that I can eat at the airport while waiting (if I fly to Chiang Mai, I had to reach the airport by 5am- so the bread would come in handy to curb my hunger).

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