Malay wedding gifts and artificial flower supplier in Kuala Lumpur

Here is a supplier of¬†traditional Malay wedding gifts or ‘hantaran kahwin” located in Kuala Lumpur- if you walk around Masjid India area, you can explore the shop and get to know more about the local crafts ūüôā

Note: If you are around the area, you can also explore another craft supplier shop located nearby, Sin Yin located at the basement of Semua House.

Previously I’ve bought some satin ribbons and beads from this shop.

For traditional Malay weddings, there are ‘barang hantaran’ that consist of gift exchange between the bride and the groom. The gifts are often made in the most creative ways- and some of my friends who got married made their own items. Still, they usually source for supplies from stores like this where the items are cheaper if bought in bulk or wholesale.

Aside from that, if you have any social functions and would like to buy door gifts or sachets to place some souveniors, you can also bug cute little storage boxes or gift bags from the craft supplier stores.  Sometimes department who host functions and give away goodie bags can choose from a whole range of design available to store their door gifts.

Above: Ribbons decorative items sold in bulk.

Below: Sample of the decorative item of a gift exchange used in Malay weddings and engagements.

The details of the shop:

Kedai Bunga Tomei

No 2005, Malayan Mansion, Jalan Masjid India

50100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel/fax: 603- 26938880

The shop is a retailer and wholesaler for the following products:

  • Flowers, artificial flowers leaves and trees, flower arrangement material
  • Malay wedding: Bunga manga, bunga telur, bunga rampai, etc
  • Handi Craft & Accessories: Laces & trimmings, buttons, ribbons, thread, beads and sequins, etc.

How to get to the shop:

By train: Either Star LRT or Putra LRT- both stop at Masjek Jamek station. Get down and walk towards Masjik India- you will walk alongside the huge river on your right and you will see lots of stores in front of you.

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13 thoughts on “Malay wedding gifts and artificial flower supplier in Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Hi ! I’m in Adelaide and have visited a shop in the Indian area which looked, from the outside, like a French Provincial place… with a large display window on the first floor. Do you think this is the one you describe here? I desperately want to order some greenery from them and one of our staff is going there in 2 weeks. Perhaps you would be kind enough to reply to this and confirm that this is indeed the store I saw. Many thanks in anticipation, Helen Hosking.

  2. Dear Helen,
    Nope, the shop does not look like what you have described. From outside, it looked like an ordinary supply store- which supplies are like place in any available space.

  3. In KL for 2 days urgently looking for a supplier of satin, cotton, organza ribbon rolls with prints on them. Polka dots, lines checkered etc. No Malay wording. For use a’s thank you cards or wedding invites.
    Desperate shopper

  4. Also would love to purchase floral sequin rolls, diamant√©/diamond wraps, plastic silver or gold rolls, chains in bulk…basically accessory that would make hand made cards with kuala lumpur. Please response soon been walking aimlessly for 2 days. Thanks

  5. Comments about Macy’s so right! Bought nothing got the cold shoulder, had to use the KFC bathroom…not nice. Came back bought ribbons worth $500 got a stool to seat and look through, my p.a even got to use the now very available bath room. Good ribbons relatively high prices but the leash of a salegirl, sometimes the owner is very off putting

  6. Dear Angie,
    The only ones aside from Petaling Street is Masjid Jamek area as far as I know.
    Few doors away from Macy you have the Nam Thong- they also supply ribbons. Another place is in Petaling Jaya old Town- in which I’ve got the phone number there. There is another supplier few doors away. The shop folks are quite polite.
    I am not sure what bus gets there but the nearest LRT station is Taman Jaya- in which from there you can take a cab. I know there is a direct bus from Central Market area but you need to call up the shop to check.
    All the best in your purchase shopping.

  7. Hi Yin,

    I live in Mauritius and want to start a business in my country for all wedding gifts and all related accessories associated with it. Wedding gifts will include all wedding boxes,artificial flowers,beads,decorative accessories for bride and groom. I need your advice if I can buy them online.

    Awaiting for your speedy response.

    Thank you.


  8. Dear Deepa,
    Yes, most of the items can be bought online- via other online merchants. But I have not personally tried them before. For the merchant that I recommend, they don’t have online presence, unfortunately.
    However most crafts or supplies when sold online would be grossly overpriced due to handling, insurance and delivery.

  9. Hi, I’m from Indonesia, my husband is visiting KL, malaysia now till 2 days ahead, I need to find silica gel crystal for flower drying, that’s a material for drying fresh flower so it will be last forever. I hope you would help me to find the store because we really knew nothing about KL. it would be even better if the shop’s location is around the airport . Thanks a lot.

  10. hello , I’m from across the causeway , singapore!

    seems like its quite hard to find peoplewho sell bunga mangein Singapore! we are putting up an event cal heritage kampung. can please help recommend some places for me to look ? or some websites ? = )


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