KFC Breakfast Review

This is an older article. Please refer to a recent update of the KFC menu.

When we saw the breakfast offer by KFC via a brochure insert in the newspaper, we decided to try the KFC breakfast:

I remember when McDonalds started the breakfast thing a few years ago, there were long queues when they offer food at discounted price. But for KFC, I saw that the outlet and another one particularly empty.

One of the strength of McDonald’s breakfast set was that the premium coffee was okay- so I had expected the same from KFC- after all, it’s important that the coffee is nice because many would rely on coffee for wake me ups. If you invest in premium coffee like what McDonalds did, you’ll have people (okay, to be honest, I don’t really like the McD’s premium coffee but from the taste, I know at least there are real caffeine there- and some people do love their coffee).

We went and bought ourselves the following:

  • 2 sets of Cheezy egg bun with coffee- RM4 each
  • 1 set of combo a.m platter (1 piece of fried chicken, mashed eggs, mashed potato)- they ran out of buns so 55 cents were deducted out from the overall price

At first, we were told there was no coffee because the machine is not running. Well, a couple before us accepted that and opted for carbonated drinks instead. Well, not for me because caffeine boost is important. So we told the staff that we will go to another branch located not far away- the staff then tried to press the plug and the machine got working.

And what machine KFC was using? The normal Nescafe automated coffee machine- nothing special- and in some places, you can get a cup for less than RM2.

Anyway, we placed the order and it came up to about RM13 plus.

That was what we have bought:

The taste:

  • The coffee tasted so BLAND.  There was not much coffee in it- and I suspect the machine may not be working for a while- so the taste is even worse.
  • The burger was okay- with lots of cheese and calories- but if you wanna eat fastfood, you need to be prepared that it has tonnes of calories.

Not long after eating, I felt drowsy- and I realised the MSG content in the burger must be high and because of the literally non existent caffeine dosage in my cup of coffee, I really felt sleepy (I am quite sensitive to food with high MSG content).

Perhaps I am just being fussy- but for that amount of money, I can buy all my favourite bread and have myself a nice breakfast at one of the local coffee shop- which serve ‘real’ coffee with condensed milk.

You can make your own delicious burger too…

Anyway, for budget, calories and nutrition control, you can always learn to make your own version of McEgg or the fast food burgers. It only take a short while to prepare:

  • buy a loaf of Gardenia bread
  • take 2 pieces of bread and apply mayo on the bread (keep the spread light if you want to watch the calories). You can also lightly toast the bread
  • fried an egg- and when it is hot, put on the bread and a slice of cheese (optional) right on top. You can put chili sauce if you wish or some sliced cabbage

Try it- it’s delicious and what’s more, it’s filling and cheap too.  This, with a cup of your favourite coffee can last you till lunch without you going hungry. I’ve identified my favourite brand of 3-in-1 coffee and stuck to it because I find that it’s very easy to put on weight if you take coffee with condensed milk or teh tarik.

Related article: Calories in Common Malaysian Food (you’ll be surprised how easy it is to put on weight on innocent looking food that you are eating for breakfast).

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