Career Fair Going on at PWTC

From 25 to 27 March 2011, career fair is being held in PWTC. It’s organised by BN:

Time: 10am to 8pm at Tun Razak Hall 1, PWTC.

Before you enter into the fair, you may register at the counter and get yourself a bar code. This would enable the company to just scan your details via barcode instead of you having to fill up details each time. But some companies also cannot scan your barcode so it’s best to go prepared.  There is no entrance fee imposed as it is meant to help fresh graduates find a job. There are many companies taking part in this career fair- multinational and SMEs.

What you need to bring:

When  you go, please bring along your resume (either physical and/or thumbdrive). Some exhibitors do not have a laptop with them, so you need to have the hard copy as well. For some, the company can download your resume in their laptop or PC. But becareful though….with virus as you insert your thumbdrive here and there.  And please, bring your own pen…and water…and wear a pair of comfortable shoes because you’re going to be tired and thirsty walking all over (nearest reasonable priced food and drinks is at The Mall- which is quite a distance of walking- unless you don’t mind paying for the ahem, premium priced food located just outside). There is no much place in which you can sit down at the fair- so your legs can be quite tired from standing and walking. Make sure you have eaten before you come because you’ll probably need to spend a few hours in the fair looking around and talking to potential recruiters.

I went there not to look for a job but the help out da boss. If you are a fresh graduate, you are welcomed to visit this job fair to submit your resume. Actually, some even did not bring any resume with them- guys, you really must come prepared when visiting a job fair- else it would give us bad first impression….

And don’t be shy in approaching the personnels of any companies- even though the ladies are pretty dressed with beautiful make-up and high heels but you are only a shy fresh grad with budget clothings. Hey, companies are there to look for potential candidates and are aware the fair are mostly fresh faced grads. Don’t be defensive and arrogant either- like saying that you are above the position offered by the company, making demands, etc. Remember, we see many potential candidates- so you need to make yourself stand out by being friendly, confident but not arrogant. Yeah, one more thing- the air con is not really cold in the fair- so if you are the type of sweat easily, avoid wearing thick clothings or long sleeve- coz the walking and not cold aircon would make your face, armpits, back drenched in sweat…and we would wonder izzit cold sweat (nervous) or that you have just came in from walking 1000 miles 🙂

Also, most of the jobs are for entry level positions- so if you are looking for managerial level jobs, it may be a bit hard to find- as these jobs would require experience. You can also read related articles that I have writen on job search:

The JobsDB booth- not many manning the booth- they just place PCs there for people to register ….hmmm… quite a bright idea because it is really tiring to stand there for hours.

Really talented: the music is really nice 🙂

How to get there:

Parking would be expensive and limited in PWTC- and the place is going to be traffic jam since the road in front of PWTC is undergoing construction. PWTC parking was already full when we got there. My advise is- take public transport- Star LRT stops at PWTC. Please bring along your TouchNGo card if you have as the ticket counter can be long (with TnG, you need not queue).

Also, after visiting, you can drop by at The Mall located opposite as there are the VOIR sales, Parkson Grand Sale, Adidas and Puma Warehouse sales.

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