Ballons and Sandart Kiosk at Ikano


There is a cheerful kiosk at Ikano selling ballons and sandart at Ikano (in front of ACE hardware as you are going to Ikano from Ikea):

There are various forms of ballons, shaped in the form of cartoon characters (Sesame Street, Pink Panther, etc), bicycles, heart shapes, flowers, animals. Also children can play with sandart. Adults, who probably feel like children again when stopping at the kiosk, may let their children play with sandart or purchase a balloon for their kids.

I signalled the man in the picture above if I can take a picture and he obligingly allowed.  For those who can afford it, having a party with balloons distributed to kids or with sandart activity would make the party enjoyable.

For more information about this company, you can also visit their blog at or email at

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