Alarm clocks with silent needle

Are some of you sensitive towards the sound that the clock needle makes as each second ticks?

In the past, I have no issue with the clock needle making the “zerk, zerk, zerk…” sound as it denotes the passing of each second. But after I spent sometime staying in nature, in the silent of the night, the needle from my RM5 alarm clock was unbearable. Now that I am back as a city dweller, I still find the sound of the needle clicking away at the silence of the night or early the morning annoying.

So imagine my happiness when I discovered that cute looking alarm clocks that has the silent needles were sold in one of the night markets:

Above:  The green (Frog design) and red (Mickey Mouse) alarm clocks are the ones with the silent needles. The silver ones are the usual alarm clocks.

I love them because they are cute and cheap. To date, since I’ve discovered this stall about few months back, I’ve bought a total of the 5 cute cute alarm clocks from them. They charge me around RM12 and supply battery together. It started when I happened to pass the stall and wanted to buy a wrist watch to put in my room- the seller was recommending a few types of watches when I told her that basically I had to resort to wrist watch because I dislike the sound of the needle. I was then she introduced these alarm clocks to me….

Why I bought so many was because I had already given 3 away. Surprisingly, it’s hard to find them at any places. You can still buy those with the silent needles at about RM30 from the night market- but the designs are more boring.

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