Where to Send Your Used Computer, CPU, etc for Recycling

As the festive session is around the corner and you are busy with your springcleaning, perhaps now you can find the courage to part with your old electrical items/ gadgets that you have spent a small fortune buying years ago…but are now totally obselete.

Maybe what that that had held you back was because you could not bear to throw these items away in the dustbin. Is there are place that you can recycle them?

The good news is, for Klang Valley folks, there is! You can place your items at the huge recycle box set up by All IT Hypermarket (a store that sells IT stuff) at the following locations:

  • Low Yat Plaza (Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)
  • Digital Mall (Petaling Jaya)
  • Ikano Power Centre (Mutiara Damansara)

The following items can be recycled:
All electronics that plug into the wall should be recycled eg notebooks, CPU, HDD, printers, power supply unit (PSU), keyboard, mouse, scanners.

So, no more heavy hearted to part with your old CPU, scanners, printers, monitors that are sitting in your house collecting dust and zapping your energy levels. But before you send your CPU or notebook for recycling,  do ensure that you have permanently deleted all personal files, photos and documents, yah.

Happy decluttering 🙂

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