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There are some great Malaysian radio channels that you can listen from anywhere around the world. This is especially comforting if you are a Malaysian studying/working/ staying in another country. When you are homesick, you can always tune in to our radio channels- when news about Malaysia such as traffic report or the DJs entertaining listeners during drive home or morning talk shows- gives you a great glimpse of the Malaysian life.

Astro has a lot of radio networks that you can select. You can get the list by going to the Astro website at, then from the Channels tab, select Radio– you can choose according to the kind of music that you enjoy listening to- there’s English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil channels with rock, sentimental, oldies, musical, current hits, etc.

Let me share with you some of  my favourite radio stations:

1. Lite FM: listen from

At the top right hand corner, click on Listen Now. They play songs of the 80s and if you listen at night after 8pm (Malaysian time), there are not much of advertisement.  Usually listening to this channel when I type my blog articles- like now 🙂

2. Mix FM: 

Search for the right upper side of the page and click on the Listen icon. Only thing is that there are a lot of advertisements.

3. Red FM

Click on the “Listen Now” icon on your top right. There is a mixture of today’s music and songs from the past are played as well.

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