CNY Decorations sold in Hypermarkets

As mentioned previous post, Petaling Street would have lots of variety for those shopping for CNY decorative items.  Some may prefer to shop at hypermarkets for the comfort- because if you are there early (before 10.30am), the place’s not that packed.

I went to Carrefour to take a look at their decorative items. As this is the Rabbit Year, many decorative toys are made in the shape of rabbits and carry the usual red colour.  The dollsbelow cost RM32.88 each.

There is also the little cute lion that can be used to decorate the house and hang along walls and the ceiling.  It is sold for RM48.88- not too expensive:

There are many varieties of decorative items to choose from.

Again, we have the Rabbit theme- usually bought to decorate walls. But beware though- for those born in the year of the Rooster- there is less compatibility with Rabbit. So I don’t think it is advisable for the Rooster person to decorate the walls with rabbit theme decorations…

Below is the God of Prosperty. In the past, all the decoration is about God of Prosperty, and money, money coming in. Even the Chinese New Year songs mostly wish about stricking rich, and may the God of Prosperty brings lots of wealth to the family…..

But the trend seemed to be changing- and you can see that goods are produced to cater for changing taste. The focus is not 100% on wealth….people want things that look for endearing and cute. Also, many learn to value health and happiness as well…

After all, the decorations are only placed for a few weeks in a year. It can be recycled. If you buy according to the animal zodiac, then you cannot recycle them- because the zodiac would repeat once in every 12 years. Buying more generic deco would be more advisable to save cost…

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