Daiso Outlets in Malaysia- selling items at RM5.90

One of Daiso Japan’s outlets  located at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara seemed to be doing quite well- better than the Hinode shops. Basically, the store is selling important items from Japan- at  RM5.57 RM5.90 for all items:

Note: New pricing of RM5.90 takes place effective 1 November 2018 due to implementation of SST (sales service tax).

There are a lot of variety in this store- from kitchen items, stationeries, garden products, sewing kits, slippers, bags, underwear, learning books, decorative items….they are all sold for RM5.57 RM5.90.  There are some innovative items offering a little convenience or comfort to daily living.

I bought a CD case for automobiles (mesh pocket type) that’s 30.5cm (about 12 inches). I just insert the rubber cord into the sun’s car visor and find it very convenient now. Before this, I used to put my CDs either on a passenger seat or at the place near my gearbox. When I wanted to listen to a particular CD, I would need to fiddle around at the CD case. With this CD case, I just reverse my car sun visor and able to see my 10CDs being displayed. I just take it out and insert into the player. No more taking my eyes off the road for too long to search for CDs.  Of course, these items are sold at other stores but it is much more than RM5.90.

Took the pictures as the hanging soft toys are cute.

Above are assortments of hair items. The only other place you can get items cheaper is at the night market (pasar malam). But the pasar malam stores usually carry hair accessories items that are made in China- they are of lower quality.

Above: Japanese plates and cups. Don’t really dare to drink my tea from there- as it is cheap, I am concerned that the paint is lead paint.


For full listing of Daiso outlets, please refer to the list of Daiso outlets in Malaysia.

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38 thoughts on “Daiso Outlets in Malaysia- selling items at RM5.90”

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  2. Would like to request your email address for the headquarters and also email address in Malaysia.
    Thank you

  3. Would like to request your email address for your headquarters and also email address in Malaysia.
    Thank you.

  4. Elani Mohd Noor

    Pls. give me your contact number of your outlet at ‘The Curve’, Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia

    I wish to order :
    ‘Belt for Suitcase; Code: C008; Travel No. 20
    No. of units: 80 units.

    Pls. let me know when can I collect these items from your outlet at The Curve.
    I need these items ASAP before 9 Oct 2011.


  5. Would like to ask the nearest outlet to the Kota Kemuning which have the following item.

    I wish to order :
    Code: D-185;
    Travel No. 20
    No. of units: 50 units.

    Also would like to request phone number for the headquarters in Malaysia.
    Thank you.

  6. Dear Yana,
    Sorry, I would not be able to answer your question. You would need to check with Daiso directly- in which I’ve listed the phone numbers there.

  7. Hi Julia,
    They do have outlets at other venues in which I’ve included at the end of the blog article. Hope there is one nearer to your place.

  8. Just to let you guys know, if happen that you bought something from Daiso, pls check properly before making the payment as this Daiso would not accept exchange goods if items are sold. This is because i bought a car shade and happen that i did not check properly found out that the middle button has torn out fater purchasing it..when to Daiso in Sunway branch they cannot accept to exchange, i was like WTF but receipts says can exchange with a period of 3 days after purchase the goods. Had learn my lesson..i do not know whether Daiso Japan product is it trustee or good quality eventhough all items is RM5…would never want to buy stuff from DAISO anymore eventhought its still RM5.

  9. Dear Caroline, thanks for sharing your experience. Hmm….by right if they have a policy of allowing 3 days exchange, they should honor. Wonder why they did not allow.
    Overall I buy some of their stuff and find the quality to be good looking at the fact we only need to pay RM5. But would note your experience and ensure the goods are properly checked- even if we have to ask permission to open to packaging.

  10. The nearest will be the outlet at Sungei Wang, Bukit bintang: Sungei Wang Plaza,Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

  11. You can contact the stores as per the numbers below:
    ■Sunway Pyramid- Lot LG 2.65, Lower Ground Two. Tel: 603- 7492 0631
    ■Centre Point Sabah- Tel 088- 236 530
    ■Johor Bahru Tel 07- 238 7989
    ■IOI Mall Tel 03- 8076 3806
    ■The Curve Tel 03-7729 3216
    ■Sabah One Borneo Tel

  12. Daiso should create an online store .. For convenience & hassle free..
    And for people who stays at city or country doesn’t have its outlets.

  13. Debra, I totally agree with you. Many people are interested to purchase their items but could not find nearby stores.

  14. hi, just would like to find out do u have any francise in kuching?

    coz i am intereseted.

  15. Dear manager,

    Can i open my own shop & buy from you & sell your products in Terengganu ??

    Pls advice. Thanks.

  16. dear manager,
    when will daiso open outlet at Semenyih-Kajang area. It’s far from to shopping at Seri Kembangan and Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Not worth

  17. Hi, I need to know if I buy things in bulks at yr store is there any discounts. It is possible helping some small bussinesses to start with…

  18. Hi,I want to ask if Daiso sells things like planners and diaries? I likes planning so I think if Daiso sell things like that at affordable prices?

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