Eating at Papa Rich

Since many friends had talked to me about PapaRich, I finally went and had my meal there:

Below is the nasi lemak in the menu.

And how it appears when the actual food comes. It’s delicious and we did not need to wait long. There’s also the vegetarian nasi lemak for RM8.90.

Absolutely cannot resist ordering the peanut butter toasted bread (another slice has been eaten). The peanut butter spread is very thick- so I bet it must be tonnes of calories there.

Total paid:

Pappa Nasi Lemak: RM9.90 x 2 plates

Roti bakar with peanut butter: RM3.80

Pappa Cham ice: RM4.20

Cham ice with coffee jelly: RM5.80

Total: RM36.95 (after adding service charge of 10%)

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