Craft and Hobby Kits Sold in Borders Bookstore

Nowadays, MPH and Borders seemed to be selling a lot of craft and hobby kits. Previously MPH was selling kits that teaches children how to make cupcakes- together with molds and whipped cream bag.

Borders also have quite a collection of craft and hobby kits. Surprisingly, these stores sold them for quite a reasonable price: RM32.90. Not expensive, since they come with materials and a fully illustrated book:

Above is a kit that teaches us how to make a friendship bracelets using cross stitch materials. Even though friendship bands may be a bit out of fashion how, it’s great as a weekend project for kids.

Above is the back cover of the box.

Below: Origami animals book and kit- this is for those who love paper art.

There’s a bigger set that comes with origami papers of various designs- sold for RM42. Geez, sets like this cost cheaper than a meal for two in Dome.

Aside from that, there are also animal ballon kits- for those who want to come out with all sorts of ballons of animal shapes. The juggling kit- that comes with 3 non bouncable balls and a book that teaches a person to juggle. Also a kit on how to perform magic tricks.

Neat, heh… I think they make good birthday present for the creative soul 🙂

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