An array of thirst quenchers- Malaysian drinks

The following photos are taken from PapaRich’s menu. PapaRich is a chain of kopitiam that is set up in Malaysia that add varieties to Malaysian food with the ambience included. The price is more expensive than a food court but much cheaper than a high end Italian restaurant.

Personally, what gets me going to a place is the variety of drinks and if you look at the menu, there are many choices available to choose from. For example, they have the usual hot/iced milk tea/coffee, or without milk. They also have ice blended, or iced coffee/tea where either ice cream is added on top or black jelly at the bottom. There’s also the traditional cham, ie coffee mixed with tea. And I must say, it’s delicious- I’ve observed that the staff would do according to specific measurements to ensure consistency in taste.

For non coffee/tea drinkers, there are also other varieties- lemonande, soya bean with cincau (black jelly), cendol, red bean drink, etc. Below, for desserts, they have like iced kacang and tau fu fah. The ice kacang uses durian ice cream- and durian is either a fruit that you love or hate. My friend told me that the ice kacang is nice.

If you have friends travelling from other countries, a good place to get them to sample the Malaysian food is at kopitiams such as PapaRich, Old Town Kopitiam, Hainan Kopitiam or Georgetown Kopitiam (so many of these had come up and enjoying brisk business in recent years, replacing the mamak stall craze).  Reason being is that the taste is usually ‘adapted’ – for example, the nasi lemak will not be too spicy. And the ambience is good- romantic lighting, air con and usually the waiters and waitress are friendly (usually they are foreigners).

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