Where to get good variety of Indian vegetarian food in KL

Few years ago, I was on vegetarian diet for about 6 months. Therefore, I understand that vegetarians would always need to plan ahead wherever they go- to ensure the place serve vegetarian food or else they would need to bring their own supplies.

When I discovered Chat Masala those days, I was very glad. I remembered the first time I went there, I ordered so much of food that I could hardly finish. Well, I was also there with a dear friend and we were chatting for hours- so hence we keep ordering, eating and chatting.

The restaurant not only have the Indian vegetarian dishes, but they also have vege burgers, fries, satay, vegetarian chicken soup, etc. The mango lassi (yogurt) is also delicious.

Still, I do observe a vegetarian diet on certain days: new moon, full moon and during the previous 9 Emperor Gods Festival from 8- 16 October (even though I am not a Hokkein, I joined in a number of Chinese celebrants who participated in a vegetarian diet). I understand from my Indian friend that there’s a similar event that occurs almost the same time as us.

As I have a few friends who do not take meat, if we do go to Brickfields, we would usually choose to have our meal there.

Below is the vegetarian glutton dishes- when out, it’s nice to eat. But if long term vegetarian diet is based on glutton, it would be fattening and unhealthy.

Below are the sweet savouries

Address and tel:

Restoran Chat Masala (House of pure vegetarian, also specialise in Southern and Northern and Chinese cuisine)

No 259-G, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields

50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 2260 3244

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