Graffiti in Kuala Lumpur near Central Market

If you get down at the Pasar Seni LRT train station located near Central Market, you would be able to witness the wall graffiti located at the wall next to the river:

I admire the resillience of these talented artists- no matter how many times the government repaint to cover the graffiti, they will repaint the walls in no time. To some, they may consider it as an eyesore- but don’t you think that these people are talented?

Above: The graffiti wishing the country Happy Independence Day- and must have been painted last year.

Some of the past graffiti were really awesome- but they have been unfortunately erased.

Perhaps when you visit again, you will find that the graffiti had changed- this is probably because it had been erased and the artists have repainted new paintings on the wall.

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