Flower Wholesale Supplier in Petaling Street

A number of flower sellers source their flowers from this supplier located in Petaling Street area (contact details below updated in 2022):

Weng Hoa Flower Boutique SB
1 Lorong Hang Lekir off Jalan Hang Lekir
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603- 2032 5288, +6014-330 8355
Website: www.wenghoa.com 
Trading hours: 8am to 10pm.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wenghoaflower/
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3VZrqgklw_w3py0Loa1o1Q
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wenghoaflower/

Update in 2022: The flower supplier below has really grown since the article was written and the last time I visited the store. When I first knew about this flower supplier, it was already a busy store supplying mainly fresh flowers. They would produce fresh bouquets of flowers but usually place it outside their store. Mainly they supply flower retail but they still sold to individual customers. I see that they have upgraded their website to cater for flower arrangement and delivery. They also created social media presence.

To view their internal store, you can watch the YouTube  video below published in their channel:


Original article:

I used to drop by at night after work to buy flowers. And I would see other flower sellers waiting for the lorry from Cameron Highlands bringing fresh flowers. As soon as the lorry reaches and unload, everyone would rush to the boxes and pick their flowers and then pay. The flower sellers would buy in huge bulk. It is worthwhile if you need to use at least a bunch of flowers. And they do not increase the price indiscrimately. If you only need one or two stalk, then it would not be worthwhile to come all the way in the traffic jam.

This shop used to sell flowers in bulk and some ready made bunches.  There is a number of other flower stalls located along the road selling flower bouquets as well. During university or college graduation time, a lot of students will head on here to buy their flowers- it’s much more reasonably priced compared to those sold in florist shops. If you go to the store directly, you can also view various flower arrangements, hampers based on themes that you can order directly.



Usually I would buy flowers like the above (daisies) and the yellow flower below for the altar in my house, that is I would buy a bouquet of the same flower. The reason I buy from them is because their flowers are more fresh.

I am quite amazed that this shop have now gotten its own website that would enable the business to expand. The website looks so professional- very much like the Noel Gift and Hamper’s site.

How to get there:

Stop at Pasar Seni LRT station- walk straight towards Petaling Street by going into the road where you can see Maybank.

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9 thoughts on “Flower Wholesale Supplier in Petaling Street”

  1. Hi Sir/Madam

    Can i know wether do you have any rose bouquet for birthday and what is d charges for deliver at near low yat area…thank you
    Cn i have some images of the examples.

  2. Hi Priya,
    Thanks for writing. Unfortunately I am not a supplier but you can always inquire at any florist shop- I am sure they would be happy to do the delivery. Alternatively you can look for online florist like blooming.com.my.

  3. Hi,im from penang.. can i know how much if i want order 4dozen red colour rose,3dozen small white colour flower and 1dozen leaves…

  4. Kumutha Ramanathan

    Sir, I would like to know the price for 10 dozen of red roses . Can you deliver to me ?

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