Air Asia booking- extra charge if you want to check in your luggage

Further to my previous article, please note that you will need to pay additional charges for checking in luggage. If you travel light and only use a hand luggage, then you need not pay.

The luggage charges should be paid upfront when you book your air ticket. Actually the moment you initiate your booking, you will see a pop up message by Air Asia’s website:

Don’t ignore the message as it is telling you that if you don’t pay for it during booking, then you’ll have to pay up to RM20 per kg when you check in your luggage.

At the booking page, below the passport details, the option to pay for luggage is available under “Flight Options”, located below “Passport Details”:

It is defaulted to Baggage- “No checked bag”. If you are checking in your bag, please remember to select the drop down menu. Even if you are not sure if you are checking in your bag, it is much cheaper to just pay for your luggage than to pay for it on the day of your flight when you check-in.

Remember to select and pay additional for luggage

The price above is for travelling between Kuala Lumpur to Thailand:

  • Regular- up to 15kg- RM20
  • Medium- up to 20kg – RM30
  • Large- up to 25kg- RM40
  • Xtra Large- up to 30kg (RM50)

Price may vary according to the destination.

There are other options that requires additional payment such as picking your own seat, order meal or comfort kit (RM25) that may not interest you because you can do without them. Especially if you travel alone, there’s no need to be picking seats or spending additional money for pillows (under Comfort Kit).  But luggage- it would be inconvenient if you don’t pay for it.

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