Air Asia- luggage check-in and hand carry

Note: Air Asia in Malaysia now operates from KLIA2 and no longer LCCT. 

In the past, when we travel with Air Asia, we need not pay for luggage as we are automatically allowed up to 15kg of check in luggage and up to 7kg of hand luggage.

But now, Air Asia has charged an additional RM20 per kg (price may vary based on destination) if you want to check-in a SINGLE baggage of up to 15kg. I am not sure due to ignorance or many people are not aware of this change- that you have to select the option for check-in luggage when you book your flight. Beginning when Air Asia made this change, I saw a number of passengers did not pay for the luggage fee while booking the ticket (listed as Supersized Regular-up to 15kg in the online booking) and therefore unable to check in their luggage.

If you did not opt for the check-in luggage option (and pay extra so that you can check-in 15kg of luggage), you will need to pay for your luggage- which is more expensive compared the the price you pay when you book your ticket online. If you are an adult travelling with your family of kids and aunties uncles in the early morning, this can be a real inconvenienced and nuisance.

CLICK HERE to view the screen shots of the option to pay for luggage during booking

Therefore, remember, when you book your flight via Air Asia, please remember to tick the check in luggage option (and pay extra) at the point when you book your flight ticket if you are checking in anything. If not, then as the tagline below goes:

Even with this face…. you’ll still need to pay for Baggage!” (and isn’t the face cute 🙂  – this photo is taken at the seat on the airline. I noticed these stickers have been removed from the seats shortly.

Group check-in and total luggage size

During group travel, example 4 persons are allowed to check-in up to 60kg of luggage (15kg x 4 persons) if the booking is done together in a single transaction.

If you want to check-in your luggage together with your friends, then please ensure that all the tickets are booked together in a single transaction as a group. If let’s say your friends book their tickets online last week and you decide you suddenly want to go and then you book the same flight as them, you CANNOT check in together with them because it’s not the same flight document. I believe this applies to most airlines but some people may not be aware of this.

Hand carry luggage- up to 7kg only

Sometimes my friends from overseas will be overindulgent with their shopping and hence the luggage. Admittedly, there are certain items that you can get in Malaysia that you can’t quite get from other countries. So some people naturally have the idea that:

  • keep the check-in luggage exactly 15kg
  • stuff whatever non liquid remaining items under hand carry luggage – even if it exceeds 7kg (read below why this ‘trick’ does not work anymore)

If you are thinking about stuffing the heavy stuff in your carry on bag, think again. Now in klia2, after you check in your luggage and you want to go up the departure hall, some strong strict looking muscular build guys are stationed there. If the bag that you are carrying, even though within the carry on size looks suspiciously heavy, the guy will take it and weigh it. If it is heavy, then sorry, you will have to check-in the luggage and pay. When I was travelling recently, I seen some passengers being stopped and told to have the bag checked in.

In summary, please ensure that your carry on case don’t exceed 7kg. If not, you will not be allowed to pass through. As mentioned above, you can’t get away even though you pull your cutest face.

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33 thoughts on “Air Asia- luggage check-in and hand carry”

  1. This is definitely a useful article. I took quite some time researchig for this info, and more when I booked the flight online. So mind-boggling for a first-timer!

    Do you know about the size of had luggage? Is it 56cm x 36cm x 23cm?

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Hi Ismail,
    Thanks for your feedback. As per the T&C in Air Asia website, the hand luggage dimension is 56cm X 36cm X 23cm.

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  4. how if i prefer hand carry my luggage ?
    with 3 things,

    1) a small luggages containing all shirts
    2) my laptop and bag
    3) my music instrument (not suitable to use check-in way) example : violin ( can i bring along my violin woth me on ym seat)

    would i be allowed to bring this 3 thins together since it is impossible to chek in my laptop and violin…

  5. FiBi, would suggest you check with AA- you can call them at 603 2171 9222 (Inquiry) Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT 8)

  6. hello~Yin~actually i called many times to 0321719222..But can’t get through..It seems like this number not working..Any other solution for me?thanks a lot~

  7. a Thai traveller

    Just another update. My flight back form Hong Kong charged my 11kg. luggage 164HK dollars! i don’t understand why they charged me since my luggage is not exeed 15kg .When i came to HK with 10kg luggage, they didn’t ‘charge me at atll. (I have read terms and conditionals for my flight throughly. )

    They said the luggage weight more than 4kg. for check in luggage have to be paid!

    I called to confirm that with Airasia HK and they confirm this information.
    I also confirm that this info. cannot be found nerither on the website or on my terms and condition.

    So my advice is better called them to confirm every detail before.
    Or if I miss understand something, please advice me.

    Thank you for very detailed article

  8. Dear Thai Traveller,
    From the T&C in the website (clause 8.6), it is stated that hand carry luggage is up to 7kg and checked in starts at 15kg (the check-in luggage is not part of the airfare and has to be paid on top of the air fare charges). Therefore, if you have paid for check-in luggage (which starts at 15kg), you should not be charged for 4kg that you have checked in. Even if you hand carry- you can still carry up to 7kg (I have seen guards ensuring strict adherence and passengers seen lugging anything that looks like more tha 7kg per passenger are told to pay for check-in luggage or throw away the items0.

  9. hi, is the hand carry 7kg subjected to only one pack or can i have a bagpack with less than 7kg and another handbag also around 7kg? Is it fixed to only one carry with not more 7kg?

  10. Hi Jess,
    Air Asia allowed if you carry 1 handbag with a checked in luggage that meets the dimension requirements. You can view the visual in my previous post which I took a picture from their poster.
    Under the guideline issued by Air Asia, it is as follows:

    You are allowed one piece of baggage onboard.

    Size Dimensions: Hand-carried baggage should not exceed dimensions of 56cm X 36cm X 23cm.
    Weight: All items must be placed inside your main hand-carry baggage and NOT weigh more than 7kg COMBINED.

    The link is here:

  11. Hi! I would like to ask if I tick the ‘No checked Bag’ and didn’t purchase any extra luggage weight, can I still bring my luggage and it’s up to how many kg yea? Appreciate for the asap reply.Thanks.

  12. Hi Angie, if u did not purchase, then u would be allowed 7kg hand carry- 1 bag that meets the dimension. Else u can login to that booking and repurchase- still cheaper than having to buy at airport

  13. Hi Rosemarie,
    If I am not wrong, u login via air asia website and then from your booking number you top up the luggage. Much cheaper compared to buying from the airport. Login to your own user I’d that u have used to buy the ticket online.

  14. I wanna ask I buy ticket thru online two weeks ago but I forget to buy luggage, if now I buy luggage thru online , isn’t impossible ?? Thx. Pls notice me at my email when u reply. Sherry here

  15. Hi,Yin, Can I ask how much liquid allowed to bring on board? I saw Airasia website only allowed 100ml for liquid items.. Eg,toothpaste, liquid foundation,lotion.. Each do not exceed 100ml ..all total overall shall not exceed 100ml? Please advice.. Urgent.. Flying off tomorrow 5pm.. Thank you

  16. According to international law it is not more than 100ml per bottle. But I really advice you to check in because once I had less than 100ml of water and at 2 airport ask me to either drink it or throw away. So my advise is that you check in because they have every right to say you have to throw away.

  17. Hi Yin, I have a tennis racket in my hand luggage, can I bring along, the racket size is 31cmx72cmx4cm

  18. Hi Azahar…I remember AA have allowance for sports equipment. But to be sure….please check directly with them thru the air asia chat

  19. I have booked my luggage for 20 kg but forgotten to book for my Golf set.
    How to go about booking through online again ??

  20. Hi, my friend who’s travelling with me likes to buy add’l baggage for herself. We bought tickets with baggages already. She can’t get through your hotline. What’s the procedure ? Hope to hear from you . Thank you.

  21. If you bought the ticket through login, then you can login and add the luggage. If it is not login, then you would need to use the chat function or fill up their online form. This is how I last understand it… Not sure if there are any changes

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