3 Layered Tea- an absolute must have when you are in Malaysia

When you are in Malaysia, especially in Kuching, do try out the 3 layer tea.

However, Klang Valley, some restaurants around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya offer the 3 layered tea. It consists of:

  • ceylonese tea with milk and ice (top layer)
  • evaporated milk (middle layer)
  • gula melaka- sugar made from coconut

If the restaurants offer it, posters are normally being displayed. The Chicken Rice Shop- shop outlets selling chicken rice also have the 3 layered tea- at least that was what I heard in the radio advertisement.

When served, stir the tea and drink it slowly. If you are a milk tea lover, you’ll definitely love this.

If you wish learn how to make the 3 layer tea, here is the video from my favourite channel, Nyonya Cooking on how to make:

Note: Picture of coconut sugar or gula melaka:


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