Where to get reasonable name card and personalised sticker printing in KL and PJ

I have thought of getting my own name card for quite sometime but have not really gotten around to do it. Then one day, my friend’s father who is a happy retiree handed over his personal name card to me. I was surprised …and thought to myself… hey, if this cheerful uncle have his own name cards to distribute around, I should be having mine too. And so, I begin to look around for name card printing places.

Upon inquiring, I find that the normal name card printing in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya is not cheap if you don’t have a contact. This is because you will first need to have a cast made- and the shop get to keep the cast. The first batch of printing will cost you more because of the cast. I went to a shop and was quoted the price of about RM90 for 200 cards including the cast. If I would want to add colours and opt for non-laser printing, it will be more expensive.  Basically, the price range is not that flexible and if you want one of those fancy creative name cards, well, you’ll just have to pay a little dearly for it.

Then, I thought of this little sticker kiosk called Trisin Trading located AEON Big Subang Jaya…I was thinking of getting some personalised stickers instead. When I reached the kiosk, I was surprised that they also print name cards as well:

Colorful name cards

For 100 pcs of identical name cards with colour printing, pictures and design, it is priced at RM25 for single side. If you want to print on both sides, then just add another RM5. I repeatedly asked the lady maning the kiosk- ‘are you sure I do not need to pay extra for colour printing or the cast?’. She said yes, there is no hidden charges.

Like the cards you see above, it is just RM25 for single side. It is printed on either plain or colored paper (there is about 10 types of paper to choose from). She let me have a look at one of the finished set of cards and I see that it’s okay.

What’s more, you can also prepare the design, together with the font and color background that you want, put it a CD or pendrive and bring it to the kiosk to arrange for that design to be printed….with the same price.  And there’s no cast being made, so it means that if you’re a creative fella like me who wants to change design all the time, you get to do different sets without needing to stick to the same design all the time 🙂

But you will need to give about 1 to 2 weeks before you can get your name cards (the usual waiting time).  As the kiosk prints stickers, if you opt for 100 pieces of name-card sized stickers, you can get them immediately. There is no extra charge between the white background and other coloured background stickers:

The kiosk is located at Carrefour Subang, next to the AAM kiosk. It is open on weekends as well.

For more information on this kiosk, you can also refer to Personalised instant stickers, barcode, cute label stickers printing published in my Creative Blog.

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