Sau Seng Lum Temple in PJ Old Town

Sau Seng Lum temple is located in Petaling Jaya Old Town:

7, Jalan 5, Section 1
46000 Petaling Jaya

Temple opens daily from 9 am to 5pm
(include Sunday and Public Holidays)

Note: There are vegetarian food served on the new moon and full moon of the Chinese lunar calendar. According to my friends, the food is on donation basis and is quite delicious.

I happened to be in the area and decided to take a visit at the temple. Outside you can see a tall Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy Statue) located there.

There’s also the Maitreya Buddha in which you can pay respect to. During the time when I was there, a family came to offer some oil and rice to the temple.

Sau Seng Lam is also involved in a number of charitable efforts- Haemodialysis Center & Stroke Center- all located within walking distance from the temple:

Sau Seng Lum Haemodialysis Center
Sau Seng Lam Stroke Center

Sau Seng Lam foundation does a lot of charitable and welfare activities- they also employ full time staff to help take care of their centers.

If you are interested in doing voluntarily work, you can approach Sau Seng Lum- more information can be found via their website at…. its inspiring to read the success stories.

Inside Sau Seng Lam temple (updated in 2018):

When you step into the temple on your left, there would be stores selling Buddhist items such as prayer beads, CDs, jossticks and decorative items. Behind, there is quite a spacious area containing many places that you can go and pray your respects to:

Sau Seng Lam Temple Petaling Jaya Old Town

Based on the guide above, it is written as follows:

1. Fold your arms, concentrate your mind, to walk the path that enlightening all bodhisattvas and devas. To make vows bravely. Recite Ten Great Vows of Universal Worthy Boddhisattva tacily.

Sau Seng Lam Temple Petaling Jaya Old Town

Note: I do see this similarity with the Buddha statue of Wat Mahathat in Ayuthaya, Thailand.

2. Boddhi Diamond Tree– to pay respect to all Buddhas, to praise the “thus come one” hope our hearts of learning dhamma and doing charity would be firm and unshakable like diamond.

3. Sprinkle of Auspicious Dragons- to make offering extensively, to regret karmic obstacles, hope the protection and blessing of all devas, mind purifying, peaceful and delighting.

4. Make obeisance to Buddha’s feet– To be joyful over others meritorious deeds, to appeal to the Buddha, to turn the Dhamma Wheel, to cultivate merits and wisdom unanimously.

5. To visit Mount Jiuhua– to accord with all sentient beings, to share and transfer all Merits, may this virtous merit, to dispel bad karma.

6. To visit Holy Statue of Earth Store Boddhisattva:

Sau Seng Lam Temple Petaling Jaya Old Town

Note: The large Earth Store Boddhisattva statue (height is from ground to the height ceiling). It is hard for me to catch a clear picture of the features as the few times I am there the backlight is very strong. But the statue is really majestic and gives a peaceful feeling when you pay respect.

There is also the Three Buddhas located next to the Earth Store Boddhisatva.

Sau Seng Lam Temple Petaling Jaya Old Town

There is also the Thousand Arm Guan Yin statue.

In another area, there is a small fountain with the Buddha statue:

Followed by the Sleeping Buddha as you go further in:

Sau Seng Lam Temple Petaling Jaya Old Town

The temple is wheelchair friendly.

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