Nescafe and Other Coffee that You May Want to Buy Back

When you are visiting Malaysia, try to get the opportunity to taste the Malaysian coffee as well as white coffee.  I noticed that my Thai friends are absolutely crazy about Malaysian white coffee and will load huge bags of white coffee when they go back. Buying packets of coffee as souvenior when visiting Thailand will mean more to them- because it’s something that it’s hard to get in Thailand.  The usual 3-in-1 coffee sold in Thailand is not that thick and too sweet- that is why my Thai friends tell me. Aik Cheong managed to break through the coffee market and sell their 3-in-1 in Tops supermarkets in Thailand but the price is so expensive than the ones sold in Malaysia.

Even if you are from another country, do give our local 3-in-1 coffee a try. You may want to consider visiting local coffee shops like Old Town Coffee (come with free wifi, good ambience, air-con, and the food’s much cheaper than Starbucks):

And no one will politely ask you to leave if you sit too long. You can just hang around there but bear in mind that they close at 1am, so by 12.30am, they will be packing in the tables…

If you want to buy white coffee back home, just walk in to any hypermarket or grocery stall. The bigger the shops, the more choices you get to choose from.

Anyway, today I’ve bought the Nescafe Tarik, the newer variety. You know, Nescafe tarik has become such a popular buzzword when you go to mamak  restaurants to order- so the folks in Nestle figured that they should come out with their own Nescafe Tarik- since everyone is using the word Nescafe to replace the word ‘coffee’. This is good because Nestle’s other varieties like Neslo 3-in-1 and Nescafe White-Cofee are stuff that you can pack back when you leave Malaysia if you like what you taste at the local restaurants and hawker stalls:

Update: Nescafe tarik is no longer available in stores. You can try out other varieties like Old Town White Coffee, Chek Hup white coffee and LA Coffee.

Sells between RM11 plus to RM13 plus for a packet of 15 sachets

Below is the drink that I’ve made myself using hot water. Look at the form

Maybe it’s me and Nescafe- but my tummy did got a little pain after taking my second cup (greedy of me). Still, I prefer this taste than those ordered from mamak restaurants. Mamak restaurants makes Nescafe and hot milk tea or teh tarik that is inconsistent in taste nowadays….usually too sweet and not enough coffee or tea inside.  If you buy the prepacked 3-in-1, the taste tend to be consistent- and you can expect the same taste with the same amount of hot water that you use.

The white coffee and teh tarik (hot milk tea that they pulled from one cup to another to create bubbles) are something unique that you can find in Malaysia and Singapore.  That’s why in my humble opinion it’s worth getting compared to postcards (usually not used) or Tshirts (probably would not be worn).

By the way, I did a Review of calories content of different types of premixed coffee/tea sold in Malaysia on my Health Blog few months ago. You can take a look at the pictures of the coffee and tea- those are brands that are quite popular with Malaysian.

Some Coffee Types
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    Dear Sir

    how can i purchase Nescafe Neslo into Singapore? can you deliver to my home?

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