Where to get cheap finger food at Curve or Tesco

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At Mutiara Damansara whereby you have the few shopping complexes- The Curve, Ikano, IKEA, Tesco and Courts Mammoth, and you are in the mood for something light, where you should go?

A place you could consider going is the food center located at Ikea exit door: located in front of the Ikea checkout counters. You will see a whole lot of people queuing for food during weekend meal times (if you go before 12pm or after 2pm, it may be better).


It’s like 2 curry puffs or siew pao with a drink causing about RM2 and other light food such as ice cream. Like the diagram above,  taken during my visit there on weekends, you will see lots of people are lining up. After you get your food, there isn’t sufficient table for you to sit so a lot of people have to stand up and eat their food.

My humble suggestion- if you are travelling with the family, stopping by the local restaurants around residential areas (probably located near morning markets) or food courts will enable you to savor the nice local and western food at a reasonable price and the taste is more authentic. The main thing is that eating at those places are less crowded and you get to take your time. Whereas if you eat at shopping complexes during weekend lunch/dinner time, you can’t sit long to chat because:

a. the environment is noisy and thus the ‘mood’ is not there- you probably have to speak on top of your voice to be heard,

b. you feel sorry for the family with three small children standing there waiting for some customers to vacate the seat.

Just my 2 cents though. I know many can afford to eat at high end places that are usually less crowded given any time of the day- if that’s the case, then the budget tips may not be applicable.

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