Where is the Penang famous cendol stall located…

When you wanna go to Penang, many would ask you not to forget to visit the famous chendol stall. If you are not familar, you may not be able to find this humble off the main street stall.


Yes, the picture shows the famous Penang cendol shop where Penangnites will tell you to try out the place. But some may have problems finding the stall.

Penang road- this picture is taken from the connecting Komtar bridge
Penang road- this picture is taken from the connecting Komtar bridge

OK, as you come from Komtar to Penang road, turn on the first alley on your right. The stall is next to a coffee shop. Now there’s another stall right opposite that also carries the sign board “Penang famous chendol”. Don’t be fooled. The real stall got more people all the time and next to coffee shop. I have asked permission from the owner to take this photo.

After savouring the delicious cendol, you can proceed further down the road for some shopping, nutmeg or the famous Penang green pea biscuits.

Note: Some of the ingredients in cendol are red bean, coconut milk (santan) and coconut sugar (gula melaka). Because it is in ice form, it is not suitable for those with sensitive stomach or are lactose intolerant.

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