Pet Safari in Ikano Power Center

Update in Jan 2018: Pet Safari has reopened back in the newly renovated Ikano Power Center. The entrance is as per below:

Pet Safari Ikano Power Center

There is a clear glass where you can see a staff doing pet grooming. At the point when I visit, she was grooming a cute poodle. 

Original article- Pet Safari before the renovation:

The Pet Safari does make a nice place to visit for animal lovers:


A notice is placed at the entrance as a guide – owners can actually bring their pets in- there is an animal clinic inside the safari:


When you first walk in, you will see the aquariums selling fishes of all shapes, sizes and colours. The 2 photos below, I am not sure if those are life corals but they really look alive.



 There are areas that sell pet food, toys, cages, even a granite pool design that you can place on your garden. You get to see live cute puppies as well.

Below are doggie clothes for sale. It’s creative because it looks like a cheongsam (Chinese traditional custome for women) that comes with different colours”


And you have clothes that look like they are for babies but actually for your doggie. Mostly they are stretchable and comes in even very small size for miniature breeds.


Kids will love this place but beware, they may be tugging at your shirt and begging you to take that cute little puppy home….

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