Craft & Festive Supply Shop in PJ and KL

If you want to get craft supplies and festive decorations, you can consider going to a supplier shop in PJ Old Town called Sin Wah. It is located next to McDonalds at PJ Old Town, opposite Watsons.

You can get to Old Town via Rapid KL bus no. U66 that stops at the Jalan Othman bus station. The shop sells things ranging from all types of ribbons (all colour, shades and designs), beads, sewing products, Malay wedding gifts, cloth, jewelry findings, etc.

The items are slightly more expensive than other suppliers like Macys in Petaling Street but are  cheaper than other sewing and supplies shop that you find in shopping complexes or commercial area.  I find their satin ribbons- the plain coloured ones that comes in all shades are the cheapest.

Other place you can go to get your beading and craft supplies are in Masjek India- from the Masjek Jamek LRT or the STAR station opposite, cross the bridge by the river towards OCBC’s direction. From there, turn right and walk along the road- OCBC Bank would then be on your left and the river on your right as you walk alongside.

At night Masjek India area comes alive with stalls- and if you walk further, you reach the Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. But you can reach the shop before reaching Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman- these shops are located nearby Mydin Wholesale. You can walk in to a few and check out the prices before buying. If you are looking for beads, then these shop usually sell plastic ones. For the better quality beads, you need to go around the better shops in Petaling Street.

Over the years, I’ve amassed a lot of ribbons and beads of all colors and shades because I just love them. That’s why I go round exploring places that sell them. If you buy beads or satin ribbons from gift shop, they’re very expensive- stalls selling sewing supplies will sell these items cheaper. And while you are at these stalls, check out the little miniature baskets and Malay design items used for ‘hantaran kahwin’- gifts the bride and groom give to one another, as well to guests who attend the wedding.

Address of Sin Wah in Petaling Jaya:

Syarikat Sin Wah

64, Jalan 1/19, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel/ Fax: 603- 7782 3989/ Tel: 7782 6989

Website:  (updated in Sept 17 after I find out they have their own website)

Email: sytsinwah@  yahoo. com

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19 thoughts on “Craft & Festive Supply Shop in PJ and KL”

  1. Hey. Do you know any good craft shops which sell polymer clay with all the clay tools @ petaling street? or anywhere in PJ? Pls reply tq~

  2. Hi, you can contact Multifilla. Their website is and located in Serdang area.

  3. Hello, do you know any shops or haberdashers that sell buttons, threads and tailoring supplies in KL area? Besides Dexon.

  4. Hi , can I ask you something. Do this shop sell Baking Clay , is a clay that you bake it and it will be hard . Do you sell them ?? ☺

  5. Dear Emily,
    I don’t think they sell it- but you try the shop is located at Seri Kembangan. It specialises in clay products: polymer clay as well as FIMO clay types.

  6. Hi, was wondering if I could find aligator or snap clips for hair from this shop ? For toddlers accessories

  7. Hi Karen,
    Nope, I don’t think the shop sells that. But further down the road, there is a stationery shop that sells some toddlers items. You can inquire with them. Else, you can try to check out the various suppliers located in Petaling Street.

  8. hi there,

    thank you for writing all these! so useful and helpful.

    i am looking for purple pebbles/diamantes to decorate wedding tables do you know where I can get them? can i get them in sin Wah? please let me know.

    many thanks!!!

  9. Hi Hoi Hoi, I am not sure but u can call Sin Wah and check with them. Even if they do not have, there are a few shops nearby that I think sellls them. All the best in your search.

  10. Hi, I’m looking for shops which sells the things that i listed down. (not all, a few will do)

    card stock/decorative paper
    ribbons (all sizes and shades)
    shape scissors (come in a pack)
    buttons and gems

    did you know any shops that sells these?

  11. Hi Carmen, the ribbon, buttons, gems (fake ones) and scissors you can buy at the craft store listed in the article. The colored paper can be found at any Popular or stationery- there are a few stationery shops near Sin Wah as well.

  12. Dear Ling Ling,
    Sorry, I don’t know. But you can try calling the stores- they may carry these items. All the best.

  13. Yes I do 🙂
    From Sin Wah craft shop in old town, you would see a mini mart in front of you- walk straight- you would see about 4 shops I think a shop that sells stationery- go inside. They have lots of these- wooden clothes peg turned to craft, rite?

  14. Please can you let me know here I can buy silk painting supplies including guta in Kuala Lumpur..Thanks

  15. Hi Simran….I only know of Multifilla in Serdang area selling it. But if I remember correctly, there us a craft shop located at One Utama that I thought I saw selling as well. It is located on the walkway between old and new wing, one of the upper floors

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