Burmese Temple in Penang

Opposite the Thai Temple in Burmah Lane, you can find a huge Burmese temple:


At the entrance, you can see a building on the right side of the photo. That is where the tall Standing Buddha, in a post subdoing Mara is located.

Tall Buddha Statue
Tall Buddha Statue


Be sure to go to the back of the Buddha statue- where you see smaller statues of Buddhas designed according to different countries- different countries tend to make Buddha statues differently- usually with a mix of the local culture and tradition. You can see the different ‘look’ here.


Above: The two happy boys carrying a bell is located behind the main shrine hall. Usually, I get visitors to peek out from behind the boys with mischevious grins and I will take pictures of them 🙂


Above is another smaller shrine.


I am not sure if it is the Brahma or one of the Gods making an offering to an enlightened nun.


As you move further in, you will come to a pond where statues carvings of Prince Siddharta (Buddha-to-be) renouncing and riding his horse- accompanied by his attendant. The Brahma and devas (deities) were aware and rejoice.

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