Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya (3 Damansara)

I took a visit to Tropicana City Mall during the weekend.

Note: Tropicana City Mall is now known as 3 Damansara


The mall’s only opened in Feb 2008. If you go there by car, the parking’s RM1 per hour on weekdays and RM2 per entry on weekends/public holidays. If you shop at Carrefour hypermarket for a minimum purchase of RM30 on a single receipt, then the first 2 hours of parking is free. So if you go during weekends/public holidays where the flat charge is RM2 per entry, if you stay longer than 2 hours, you still have to pay for the parking because even for weekends, only the first 2 hrs are free- that’s what I have been told by the Carrefour staff on duty there.

As the same for most shopping complexes in Malaysia, the best would be to drive in before 11.30 am during weekends/ public holidays. For popular shopping complexes like One Utama, Mega Mall or Sunway Pyramid, you would need to be there much more earlier (perhaps around 10.30am?) to avoid a long car queue trying to get to the parking lots.


My favourite coffee, Starbucks and next to it, is a banner by Sony Music promoting Susan Boyle’s latest album. Geez, Sony’s really not sparing any expenses and I am glad they recognize (or is it capitalise) on the popularity of this talented singer.


This must be the central court or something. It is more than a week after Christmas but they are still selling Christmas stuff.



The mall also utilize natural light, a little like One Utama Shopping complex. The photo above is taken by pointing my phone upwards to the ceiling at the central area.


There is not much shops that interest me because most of them are eateries or clothing store. But there is a small Borders bookshop though. Went there and found a good book on bargain price and bought it.  I guess folks who do not fancy walking into every boutique and trying on clothes can hang out at Borders.

Carrefour is in LG floor, and there’s the G, 1st and 2nd floor with shops. The cinemas is at the 2nd floor.


There’s an interesting coffee shop called Bad Ass Coffee Legend. Interesting- here’s the story on how the company came about.

For detailed instructions on store, layouts, events and how to get there, do visit their official website at

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