CNY at Ikano Power Center

Ikano Power Center is located at Mutiara Damansara- next to The Curve and Ikea.

This year, their CNY decorations consist of a bamboo platform that you see on the top end of the picture below:


 One can go there to post for pictures. The Curve’s CNY decoration is more grand.  On the same level, you can see porcelin and kitchen plates/bowls being sold alongside with green plants. The items looked as though they were from the mass produced ones in China. As these items are found everywhere- generally not many people would buy them.


 Below, are an assortment of retail products located outside Cold Storage that is set up for the CNY.


 And as you stepped outside, you would notice there are stalls selling mainly clothings and CNY decorations. I noticed a number of these products are also sold in night markets and bazaars. Everywhere seemed to be selling similar items and generally stores like these which open on periodical basis tends to sell items more expensive compared to the night market.


Still, passing a stall selling Chinese New Year decorative items like tanglungs and plastic flowers, I noticed the owner was teaching a customer how to put together the items into a unique display by curling some pink blossom plastic flowers around a tanglung and to top it with some other decorations. It made the tanglung unique- this is probably the kind of service that you may not find if you buy the stuff from the pasar malam (night market).

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