Getting a cheap cup of coffee at shopping malls

OK, I know I am on the cheap. But I write this for the benefit of budget travellers who just want a cheap cup of coffee to just cure that caffiene fix.

I figured this out during a recent visit to Tropicana City Mall– so I thought I would just pop a post on this because when I visited the mall, I forgotten to take my coffee in the morning and was suffering from some mild withdrawal symptoms.

At first, I went around trying to look for a cup of coffee around:


This store is located in front of AEON Big Tropicana City Mall. No doubt Station Kopitiam teh tarik offer at 99 sen but I know the teh tarik there is not really nice. And the coffee cost RM2.50 (I have not include the government tax and service charge yet) for a small itzy weeny cup.

Having been to a few Carrefour hypermarkets, I know they usually have a Nescafe coffee vending machine (these guys are brilliant) somewhere. I went in the hypermart trying to see if I can find a coffee vending machine.  True enough, I find one nested next to the bread section 🙂


So with 80 sen, I got myself a small cup of 3-in-1 coffee. It has less calories than normal coffee mixed with condensed milk and it got me over the withdrawal symptoms.


If you visit Tesco and Giant hypermarkets, they do not have vending machines. But you can also buy just a can of Nescafe from their canned drinks section.

Because I am particular about the coffee taste and I’ve learned to stop throwing my money at lattes from Starbucks or Coffee Bean (when I could invest the money in some funds for my future), I would rather buy cheap coffee from the vending machine than from the commercised air-con coffee shop and they do not taste as good as what the old timers used to make them.  Now, I would just rather stick to the 3-in-1 because the coffee taste is consistent- I’ve found the brands that I like. Or go to certain places when I know the coffee taste nice because some places do pay a lot for an expert to make tasty coffee, like the Chinese uncle in Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah (you probably need to go during office hours or Saturday lunch time. ) He is good at making tea or coffee- I used to buy from him when he was from another coffee shop and after the coffee shop closed down, he is employed by Ming Tien food court.

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