Around Malaysia in 37 days by cycling

Is it possible to tour around Malaysia on a bicycle?

There are 2 Malaysians- Mak Shiau Meng and Sandra Loh who went on a bicycling trip around Malaysia. They did it from March 09 to April 09 for 37 days. Their adventure is posted in their blog:

They travelled light- they brought very little clothes. The rest were like toiletries, bike tools, spare tubes and tent. In their article published online, they shared some experiences an uncomfortable encounters. But it is an adventure nevertheless.

What really amazes me is that Mak Shiau Meng had a longtime childhood dream of exploring Malaysia by cycling and he went ahead to fulfill his dream. Cycling long distance at mercy of the weather is not easy- I have experienced travelling from town to town on a backpack and travelling on a motor vehicle/walking- and even that takes willpower.  Cycling is even tougher.  Another encouragement for us to learn to pursue our dreams. Trust me, you’ll discover the YOU that you never thought possible 🙂

When I was a teenager and had loved cycling, I used to cycle on my mountain bike (which I bought with my first job’s first pay) to explore around the various areas in Petaling Jaya. Those days, there weren’t as many cars as there are now. I remembered, as I explored, places like LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong) were still in construction and so many places were not built and areas were not developed. I learned many new routes through my lone cycling adventures (yes, I always like to venture out on my own). Eventually when I started driving, I knew some small shortcuts because I’ve learned the routes through my cycling experiences.  I had wanted to cycle around Malaysia then on my bicycle but now that I’ve got a car…. well… err… perhaps going around in a car could be more fun and you get to see more places faster 🙂

Another adventurous Malaysia is grandpa David Munusamy Reddie. He started by cycling around Malaysia and eventually took his bicycle to explore the world. What’s even more special and awsome is that David was previously a heart by-pass and had other health ailments. His story proves that health and age are not deterrents for the adventurous person. You can visit his blog at

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