Where to Eat in Genting Highlands

gentingfoodpricePlease note that food prices in Genting are higher compared to Kuala Lumpur.  This is understandable because of additional labor and transportation costs. Even the standard cafes like McDonalds are more expensive than the ones located elsewhere.

If you decide that you want to save on the food, you can explore some budget tips based on the advise that I have been given:
What you can bring:

  • Cup noodles (lots of other people bring them), bread, fruits, chocolate bars, your 3-in-1 drink.
  • Spoon & fork to stir your food. Empty water bottle to fill your water if you are staying in First World Hotel, where an empty jug is provided and you can fill up hot/cold water from the balcony.

Someone told me you can get cheaper food in the casino itself.  OK, I really disliked the bad vibes I get from walking into the casino but decide to explore inside for the food.

Something I found out:

1. First World hotel casinos provides free drinks: Milo, orange juice, teh tarik, 2-in-1 nescafe. But of course, they taste horrible- still, you cannot beat it that it’s free. There are other food sold there but at a relatively cheap price- like fried chicken wings, fishballs, instant noodles.
2. Else, you can go up to @Latte, located at the entrance opposite the Monte Carlo Casino (Genting Highland side)- you can get Latte and delicious chocolcate cake, sandwiches for reasonable price (the entrance is as per picture below).

3. I have seen large groups of people having meals at First World Cafe located at level 3 of First World Hotel.

If you are coming down from Genting via the LRT train, you can always stop by Wangsa Maju station (the 4 station from Terminal Putra, if I am not mistaken). After walking a short distance, you will find there are a number of coffee shops- the food served there are quite nice and cheap- because a lot of students stay there.

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