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Hiong Piah from Gunung Rapat

Delicious Hiong Piah biscuits from Gunung Rapat, Perak

When my friend goes back her hometown in Taiping, she would stop by on her way back to buy some ...
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Treatment for chronic pain and ailments in Malaysia

Treatment for chronic pain and ailments in Malaysia

When I was in the corporate world, many of my colleagues suffered from chronic pain and ailments. There are conditions ...
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Spotlight Imported Arts and Crafts supplier

Spotlight- arts and crafts supplier

Initially when I visited Spotlight in Ikano Power Center (IPC), I thought it was a store selling home decoration product ...
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Multfilla Arts and Craft Supplier in Balakong

Multifilla- arts and craft supplier in KL & PJ

Multifilla is a business that supply arts and craft raw materials, supplies and machines. You can get anything from raw ...
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Happy Bunch roses

Happy Bunch- flowers to brighten someone’s day

I love the concept of Happy Bunch whereby you can pay less than RM50 for a bunch of flowers to ...
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Kota Kinabalu vegetarian

CNY Eve Dinner- cooking or eating at restaurant?

The eve of Chinese New Year carries a great significance as it is the time where the entire family would ...
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